Mounika is bright, ambitious, and optimistic. She lives in Musunuru, India. To see her, one would never guess the hardships she has endured.

Her mother married at a young age and endured years of spousal abuse that became so intolerable that she left home with her two daughters. Mounika dropped out of school in the sixth grade to care for her younger sister while her mother worked. Sadly, Mounika’s mother developed tuberculosis and died making it necessary for Mounika and her sister to live with their aunt. As the family began planning for Mounika to marry at age 16, she was fortunate to meet Sisters Ann and Sudha.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth recognized Mounika’s potential and convinced her aunt to allow her to complete certification in tailoring rather than enter into a forced marriage. Today, Mounika is a member of the staff at the Preranalaya Center, a place where women learn skills that allow them the freedom to make choices about their own lives. The Sisters coordinate a variety of similar programs throughout 16 surrounding villages.

By educating families about options, Sisters Ann and Sudha were able to stop five other child marriages. They have a wonderful dream of expanding the Center and its services to meet ever-growing needs for training and empowerment.

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Would you help make this dream a reality? A gift of $83 would sponsor an awareness program while a gift of $50 sponsors a part-time teacher for a month. A gift of any amount, matched with the gift of others, helps the Sisters take the next steps to achieving their dream.

In the spirit of Lent, your generous support becomes a sign of hope to the people of Musunuru, especially to young girls like Mounika.

May you be blessed with the deep Easter joy of Christ’s Resurrection.

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