I’m not much like the centurion’s servants. When my Lord says, “Go”, I frequently say, “Forget it!” When he says, “Do this,” I protest. It’s not what I’d like to have happen.

St. Augustine described my predicament; knowing we need to follow God’s ways in order to be happy, but unable to do it. The world groans daily in suffering and affliction because we have such trouble following his simple command to “love one another.”

Fortunately the Gospel doesn’t end with commandments. The predicament ends when Christ walks in. With a word, he heals the centurion’s servant; with a touch, Peter’s mother-in-law. That’s the secret. When I can’t love, can’t follow, can’t find a yes – I don’t have to be my own savior. There’s One who waits for me to ask, to receive. He carries the healing touch that takes away my fever and brings me back to life.

Thank you, Lord, for remaining in me. —Mary Marracco

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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