I Don’t Mind If I Do: Nazareth Home residents using technology to jump-start their minds, mobility, and social lives.

The latest and greatest technology is not just for kids. It’s for their parents and even their grandparents. Here at Nazareth Home, residents are exploring the world around them without having to leave the comforts of their home. “What started out as a conversation with our Social Services Director, Sharon Mattingly, has transformed into an empowering and meaningful program” said Development Director, Michael Buckman. “We are extremely excited to be able to provide technology and with clinically inspired “apps” that help our residents be understood.” Nazareth Home utilizes the computer tablets to help jump-start residents’ memory, mobility and social skills that have deteriorated through age, Alzheimer’s/Dementia disease or other types of debilitating diseases. The iPad restores independence and provides good-old fashion fun. Residents are able to communicate with their family through facebook and Skype, see photos, read books, or play chess with their neighbor down the hall.

“The iPad has countless applications and has proven to be a valuable resource for our residents with communication disorders” said Julie Minich, Nazareth Home’s Speech Language Pathologist. We are extremely grateful for the community support we continue to receive to make sure we have enough iPads for every neighborhood within the home. Kim Hobson, Nazareth Home’s Director of Nursing shared her experience, “We have one resident who suffered a debilitating stroke that left her unable to communicate verbally. This left her feeling “disconnected” and isolated. Once she began using the iPad she was able to “connect” with her peers and staff, feeling a part of the community. She has even figured out how to use “face time” so she can see her favorite staff members even on their day off.” With so many different applications, it’s opening the eyes and the minds of older people who might think that technology has passed them by. Residents at Nazareth Home haven’t let life pass them by and they are not going to let technology pass them either. Residents in our Memory Care neighborhood are teaching themselves to play the piano and play other games such as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! “This isn’t your grandmother’s nursing home. Steve Jobs would even appreciate the “out of the box" approach to person-centered care we and the residents share together” added Buckman.

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