Camp Maria Retreat Center Director Ann Kovalcik sends us her report about the condition of Camp Maria Retreat Center after Hurricane Irene.

“Camp Maria is well considering the hurricane, things could have been much worse. There is a lot of tree debris around. A large tree fell at the entrance of Camp Maria bringing down with it some power lines. Staff worked to clear the tree so that Taylor Gas can get its truck through to fill up the propane tank for the generator because the power is out. A tree fell on the North Well house and on the garage by the Bay house. There does not seem to be any structural damage at this time. The Blue Jay lost a few shingles and the screen on the Spiritual Center is ripped. The lamp on the outside lamp post just behind the Spiritual Center fell and broke.”

Ann reports that her staff is working to get Camp Maria up and running by Friday for the Labor Day retreatants. Click here for more photos.