Sister Sunila and Sister Vinaya organized with hospice staff, a gathering of former patients who have benefited from the respite care service of Pabalelong, a one-of-kind hospice for the sick offering counseling, respite, physical, spiritual and terminal care. The name Pabalelong means a place of love and care.

Some of the patients who are still not ambulant were assisted with hospice transportation while the others were brought in by their family members. Some of them were able to come by themselves. Re-connecting to each other brought much joy and happiness to the patients and the staff. Some of them gave testimonies of their healing and appreciated the part played by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and the staff of the hospice in the healing process. All of them have experienced healing in some way or other – physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological, even though all have not experienced 100 percent physical healing.

Their testimonies were very encouraging for those who are currently at the hospice. The event included prayer, testimonies, and recreational games. The hospice compound echoed with songs and laughter. At the end of the day, all shared a family style meal and the hospice administration presented the patients with a small token of their love.