The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth has had a full house at the Charity House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Refugees from Ghana and the Congo are residing there. One family just welcomed a new baby, born this week. He is a healthy 7 lb. baby boy. Currently, Sisters have two other young pregnant women in the house who are due to have their babies any day now.

In addition to the pregnant women, two children ages six and 10 are residing there. All of these refugees have traveled through South America, Central America and then Mexico to arrive in the United States. Being pregnant and traveling through difficult areas has been difficult, but the women and children have been very resilient.

They are asylum seekers who have the long road of court dates ahead of them. The SCN collaboration with the Sisters of Divine Providence and AJAPO is making the path for these refugees a little easier.

As you think of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as refugees in Egypt this Christmas season, remember all those who come to us from afar seeking shelter.

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