The Vincent de Paul Family of Metsimotlhabe, Botswana, celebrated Christmas with a large family of 15 economically-poor members who live in a remote area where there is no electricity or water. Sister Vinaya and SCN Associates are members of the Vincent de Paul Family in Metsimotlhabe. It was the SCNAs of Metsimotlhabe who formed the Vincent de Paul group in Metsimotlhabe Parish.

The group reaches out to six poor families providing food and supplies every month. This year they got a small donation and decided to celebrate Christmas with this family. The family has eight orphan siblings and seven children. Of the 15 members, 11 of them are below 15 years. Vincent de Paul members purchased food supplies for the family. The party meal included chicken, fried potato chips, soft drinks, fruit juice, and sweets. There was a great joy as they all sat under the tree and shared the festive meal.