Constitution Day is a holiday that is celebrated in Nepal as a day of remembrance, pride, joy, and strength for the Nepali culture.

History of Nepal Constitution Day

Nepal is a country in South Asia and is the world’s youngest republic. It is the 93rd largest country and the 41st most populated country. The country has many different groups, religions, and cultures and is also known for its many languages. Language groups such as the Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman, and Mongolians still exist today, but Nepali has been labeled as the country’s national language.

SCN Family Ministries in Nepal include:

  • Rehabilitation of mentally-ill women
  • A school for physically/mentally challenged children
  • Schools for elementary through high school students
  • Non-formal education for village and street children
  • Adult literacy training in marketable skills in cottage industries
  • Centers for holistic care
  • Human rights education for women
  • Development centers which help women become leaders and transform the status of women in their home villages
  • Collaboration with various organizations
  • Other outreach efforts

Nepal Constitution Day Public Traditions, Customs, and Activities

To celebrate Constitution Day, Nepal has a huge festival with singing, dancing, and performing arts. It’s a day to provide Nepal and its people with hope for a better future.

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