Greetings from Belize,

The time is flying by and there is still so much going on. Sunday we went to the women’s sewing group to help teach how to take measurements and to use patterns. It was a lot of fun watching them measure each other. Especially Norma and Concha, mother and daughter in law. You can tell they really love each other. The afternoon ended with Milvia cutting out a blouse pattern.

Steve has taken the components of Marina’s food stand to her house and it is being reassembled on site by Steve, Jorge and Cephas, Marina’s husband and son. Steve is letting them do a good bit of the assembly so they know how it goes together. We were able to get a gas stove to be put inside to make the foods that she will sell. We still have to get a small gas tank.

Steve is also fixing a stove top for Judith, a young woman in the village. Sr. Brenda has been teaching her how to bake different items for her to sell to make money.

The past two mornings Sr Brenda and I have been up at 5:30 to go to the park to paint the new stage. Several young women who were in Sr Carlette’s youth group came to help. The youth group were instrumental in reclaiming the land for use as a park. The stage is the final touch, for now. Swings and tables had already been put in place. We finished with the stage today. It is very colorful. It is blue, green, red and yellow. I am glad we are done, I may sleep in to 6:00 tomorrow.

I am still working with “my boys” at school every afternoon. I end our sessions with reading them a story. They really are getting into the new story I started yesterday. Geronimo Stilton, I highly recommend these books for tween aged children. (Thanks Sarah for the recommendation) It is an interactive book. Today we are going to decode a message that we read about yesterday. Should be fun.

It has been hot here but we have a nice breeze today. It’s still hot but at least the breeze helps us think we are cool.

Peace and blessings,


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