At Nazareth Pre-School in Gaya, 150 children had their graduation ceremony on Feb. 15, 2018. They marched behind the principal of Nazareth Academy, Sister Sophia Joseph, Sister Mary Kadaparampil, vice principal, and the teachers, with a lit lamp in their hands. Sister Sophia was the chief guest.

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In her address, she said, that we often take for granted the importance of Gaya which is the land of enlightenment for the world, especially the Buddhists. She quoted that Lord Buddha was once meditating under a tree, he was disturbed by two musicians talking. One said do not tighten too much the strings lest they snap or if you keep them too loose they will produce no right tune. These words revealed a deep secret for Buddha and he altered his way of life accordingly. The path he chose to attain enlightenment was not easy … sacrifice, patience, discipline, being positive, watchful, humble, analyzing/examining oneself, working on one’s ego, etc. She also thanked the mentors/teachers of pre-school and the parents who are the primary teachers of the children.

Two of the children anchored the program confidently. They took a pledge to abide by the values they have been taught in the school. They promised to be good citizens that all will be proud of. Each one received her/his certificate with a class photo from Sisters Sophia and Mary.

SCNs Anne Marie Thayilchirayil, Reena Theruvankunnel, former principals of the Academy, Marianne Puthoor, Dolsie D’Mello and Malini Manjoly were present for the occasion. It was a unique and exciting day for all concerned for it was the first formal graduation ceremony with their glowing gowns and cap with tassel.

Anne Marie Thayilchirayil, SCN

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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