This is the story of a young woman named Paku (her name has been changed for this story) from Shapur in Madhepura District of Bihar. Early on she was not at all interested in education and the hostel life that accompanied it. She stated that she could never dream of standing on her own feet and look for a bright future.

At a young age she began to live in the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s hostel, Navjyoti School. During her early days there she missed her family. After holidays with her family she says that she tried all kinds of tactics to escape the hostel because she did not like study.

Sister Marina Thazhathuveettil, SCN, retrieved Paku from town on many occasions and would take her back home to the school. She enjoyed the freedom in her family’s home and no tension of studies. “Though there wasn’t much to eat there, I was satisfied in the company of my known friends. I felt that someone was taking away my freedom from me,” says Paku.

Gradually things changed. She began to enjoy hostel life more than life at home. Paku began to realize the importance of education in her life. She worked hard to achieve the goal that she had set for herself. Then in 2013 she came to Kurji Holy Family College of Nursing. She says that the Sisters have supported her all the way and are currently helping her to continue studies.

Paku says this about her studies, “Now, after all the struggles in life and reluctance, the aversion towards hostel life and education has vanished. I am enjoying the nursing profession. Every day I am learning something new and interesting and working hard to fulfill all that is expected of me in the college. I realize that life is not a bed of roses, there are thorns, stones, hardships and I have learned to overcome all of that by being here.”

Paku continues to enjoy her life of caring for the sick and the suffering through the nursing profession and is doing very well in her studies.

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