Formation of SMOSA

On the occasion of the Centenary year (1913-2013) of St. Michael’s School, Sale in Mahudanr, Jharkhand and the Bicentenary celebration of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, St. Michael’s Old Students’ Association, (SMOSA) was formed on January 20, 2013. From the founding of the school in 1913 it journeyed from village Sale to village Timkitarn, then back to Sale- Bardauni and finally in 1981 to the present sight- Sale, next to the Epiphany Parish Church, Sale.

This great event, the founding of Old Students’ Association, began with lighting of the lamp and invoking God’s presence and blessing by the 84 old students and SCNs presently ministering in the school. Marianne Puthoor, SCN the pioneer in this school (1974 – 1980 and 1988-1993) then invited each batch of students for self introduction. Through an exciting power point presentation Sr. Marianne took the participants for a historic tour beginning with the first school building of 1957 (mud walls and cow-dung polished floor) in which she too had taught, and the progress, the arrival of SCNs in 1974, the beginning of high school in 1982, etc. brought back memories of their Alma Mater. Sister Marianne also had input session on aims and objectives of Alumni Association, how to constitute bylaws, function, etc. At the end of the inspiring and interesting input sessions interspersed with music, action song, etc. the participants had vibrant group discussion on how could SMOSA contribute to the school – their alma mater and what role they can play in the planning and executing of the Centenary celebrations this year. Secretaries of all 12 groups presented concrete suggestions at the end of which participants filled up the membership forms. The Executive Committee members were elected on whose shoulders now rests the responsibility of carrying out the objectives and mission of SMOSA.

It was decided that there should be at least two more meetings of Old students of St. Michael’s School so as to give opportunity for many more alumnae to become members of SMOSA before the Jubilee celebration. All felt so proud to learn that they can still be connected to their Alma Mater and became aware of their sacred duty to promote the ideals of the school. A delicious lunch awaited them at the end of meeting.

By Marianne Puthoor, SCN
Sister Marianne is presently working as the education coordinator of the Patna Province. She is a teacher by profession and a Hindi scholar. She teaches spoken English classes across India. Currently she is engaged in writing a book on the six US Pioneers to India.
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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