Houghs Neck was an island all day, as floodwaters remained on all the roads in and out of the peninsula neighborhood, cutting off both vehicle travel and power. Sister Tess recounts her experience as we continue to pray for those affected by the storms.

Dear loved ones,

Thanks for prayers for us in the Post Island Rd community, Hough’s Neck, all in Quincy, MA.

This level, not expected, then 3-4 tides. Serious flooding was forecast, so many believed similar, or some more to 2013, 1978, etc. The community always pulls through. Some folks have lived here 70 years.

I am warm at a neighbor’s house across the street, on higher ground, and built to newer FEMA code, and also has a generator. Yesterday three of us from our apartment building were evacuated by the National Guard, in an inflatable boat to cross the street. One carried me in his arms to the boat. They told them that next one to take across was a nun!

Our apartment building basement completely flooded, furnace, washing machine, and dryer, storage areas, etc are gone. High tides yesterday noon, midnight, today noon, waiting for tonight. 7 of us just had dinner next door. With God in charge, we kept safe and secure in Creator’s embrace. Love you.

Thanks again.

Sister Tess

Elizabeth Warren, United States Senator from Massachusetts (taught by our SCN sisters at St Ann’s, Quincy), State Senator Keegan, and Mayor Tom Koch walked the area, talked with Sister Tess, and promised to do what they could at State and federal levels.

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