Hario Parish of Chatra Deanary hosted youth seminar from. Around 250 youth attended the seminar. Rt. Rev. Bishop Anand Jojo, DD, Bishop of Hazaribag was the Chief Guest.The theme of the seminar was “Youth- Know Yourself.” Word of God and Sacrament of Reconciliation was given more importance. Youth is called forth to have passion in their life to achieve their goal, value the seven Sacraments, prayer, respect parents and keep the Church forever young through their constant contributions. Sisters Josephine, Monica and Anita participated the seminar.

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Chatra Parish hosted a Diocesan level Catholic Mahila Sangh meeting. Rt. Rev. Bishop Anand Jojo, DD, Bishop of Hazaribag was the chief guest. There were 500 women gathered from various parts of the diocese of Hazaribag. The theme of the meeting was “Be God’s compassionate witness of Unity in Diversity”(Vividhta me Ekta dwara Ishwariya Karuna ka Sakshya dena). Women were given education and awareness on how to guide youth in the present era, to know their rights and fight for justice regarding tribal land and reservations. Women are asked to give importance to personal as well as family prayer to be united in the family. The entertainment program was arranged to recharge their zeal and enthusiasm.Sisters Anita, Sushma, and Sushila participated actively to make this meeting successful.

Sister Anita Tigga

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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