Saint Vincent de Paul
(April 24 1581 – Sept. 27 1660)

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth wish a Happy Feast Day on 27th September on the occasion of the 350th Anniversary of the Feast of our Patron, St. Vincent de Paul. May the Spirit of Charity fill our hearts and minds that our love for our brothers and sisters, who are marginalized and rejected by society, be gentle, attentive, compassionate, pro-active and inventive unto infinity.

May St. Vincent make our faith strong and humble in a world that seems so far away from God. Let us be a sign of hope for many and be courageous not to back down in the face of difficulties but be ready to dirty our hands in favour of the poor, our masters. Let us be true daughters and sons, worthy heirs of the Charism of St. Vincent de Paul.

Our celebration of his feast day each year calls us to remember Vincent’s life of passion for the poor, his deep faith and enormous creativity. With Louise he was able to organize services, both material and spiritual, for those who lived on the margins of society in his day. He had an extraordinary capacity to connect with all types of people, to move them to be inflamed with the Gospel and to live lives of charity.

Remembering Vincent on this feast day, we are grateful for the Charism of Charity that is passed on to us in 2010! After 350 years, Vincent continues to touch and inspire us!

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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