This week we experienced the Milpa (farm) of Valentin Ortiz. He is one of the leaders in the village and is always helping when the groups come and when anyone needs help in the village.

Sr. Paschal, Valentin’s wife Maria, daughter Maggie and Marguarito who is also a leader and worker went with us. We saw how they cut corn with machetes, roast the corn on an open fire and also boil it in a pot on the open fire. We popped beans and fed the pigs and ducks. And what would a farm be in Las Flores be without CHICKENS! We had a wonderful time.

San Ignacio and Santa Elena was our next experience with Sr. Judy. She lived there for 6 years and has many friends there. The lay ministers all got together for a barbecue and shared many memories with us. It was such a blessing to share this time with her.

Sr. Paschal held her last sewing class this week and closed the first ministry house where she lived. It was a sad time but she is preparing for her move back home to Nazareth, Ky., so she will always remember the wonderful beginnings that all started there.

Sr. Judy, Phil and I rode in the bed of a pickup truck down the Hummingbird Highway to the Sibun river for a day of relaxation. About 20 people in all showed up and the women cooked chicken soup and tortillas on an open fire. Down the river we saw families that came there to wash clothes.

As we wind down and relish our last week here we will never forget the memories we have made. We will never forget the people we have met or the friends we are leaving behind. A part of our hearts will always be here in Belize!

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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