‘Whatsoever you did to the least of these you did it to me’ (Mt 25:40)

It has been a year since the Jesus Youth of Koorachund subzone has been gathering as a faith group by the grace of God on a weekly basis in Kallanode. In light of their faith sharing this small group experienced the need to follow Christ more closely from His ‘Words’ to His ‘Deeds’.

About seven young souls responded to the suggestion of Florina Joseph, SCN, and decided to spend their weekend with the elderly women at St Joseph’s Old Age Home, Koorachund in October.

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The outreach began with a prayer led by the youth for the residents. The need to be loved and to love was very visible when the members of the youth group spent quality time talking, laughing with and listening to the women individually. 

They were overjoyed and some were moved to tears as they felt the presence of their grandchildren in these youngsters who relished the joy of providing and serving a meal for them from their little income. A spontaneous program was organized after the meals which bridged the gap between the old and the young beautifully where they played games, sang songs, shared those good old stories and danced together.

The fruit of the day was a deep sense of joy and satisfaction for everyone especially for the youth who met Jesus so alive in the elderly women who have often felt alone. These young people were empowered to continue their outreach program to help them live the gospel values more meaningfully and be a source of inspiration.

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