Sisters in Kallanode are actively involved in animating the Catholic Women’s Association of the parish. In the process, they help to enhance the leadership qualities of the women to claim their rightful place in the family, society, and church.

In providing pastoral care to the parishioners, SCN Sisters in Kallanode make regular visits to the families of the sick, terminally ill and bedridden, the elderly and the widows. They collaborate with the pain and palliative care unit of the parish.

There are 485 Catholic families in the parish and thirty-three prayer units. Every month they conduct prayer meetings in ten prayer units besides regularly visiting the 175 families assigned to them. They empower the Catholics to take charge of their prayer units in conducting meetings and keeping proper records. They are present to the people when there is a death in any family or any other crisis situations.

SCNs help to educate the young Catholic children through tuition and spoken English classes. A few of our parish youth are members of Jesus’ Youth Movement. Sisters take an active role in guiding these young women and men.

Sisters organize seminars such as the need to come together and legal rights for the senior citizens. Periodically they gather the widows of the parish to empower them to continue living their lives fully as individuals with dignity.

Sisters also provide individual counseling when someone is in need of it. They also go to families for counseling.

Sisters also visited many of the families who incurred a great loss in the recent cloudbursts and mudslides in the parish.

Most importantly they set aside dedicated time and resources for the care of Mother Earth by nurturing their land. They live in a picturesque place filled with varied kinds of trees such as palms, nutmeg, plantains, rubber, and high rise mountains covered in thick forest.

Malini Manjoly, SCN / See more photos.

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