Empowering the differently abled

Sanjeevani, in Vasai, is a special school for the intellectually challenged. Over the years, Sanjeevani has progressed not only in terms of numbers but in empowering children as well. While the ordinary activities in behaviour modification and self-reliance are carried out regularly at Sanjeevani, this year the school is delighted as four of its students are writing their Class 10 exams through the Open School System. They will write exams in English, mathematics, home science and business studies. Students Pallavi and Vivek joined Sanjeevani at its foundation in 2003, two others, who were drop-outs from normal schools, joined them later. Pallavi started with no skills in speaking, eating, or any other motor activities. Vivek could not walk at all. Today they lead productive lives. The credit goes to SCNs Selvam Vedamuthu and Lilly Joseph and a team of committed teachers who have directed these and the other 60 children to live out their potential and live fairly independent lives.

Written by Ann Palatty, SCN