Multi-Faceted Educator

I was born and raised in Washington, DC, one of five children. Now, I enjoy keeping up with nieces and nephews, great-nieces and nephews though they are scattered throughout the country.

My profession as an SCN was made on March 25, 1953.  I am especially grateful to the community for my education at Spalding University, Fordham University and three years at the Toronto School of Theology. After obtaining my degree in Canada, I returned to the Toronto School of Theology for six summers to teach. Recently, I also taught a summer course at Incarnate Word University in San Antonio, Texas. I really enjoy teaching at the university level. The students are so earnest about their studies.

My current ministry is Curriculum Consultant in Religious Education for the Diocese of Wilmington. I began this ministry in July 2004. I am revising the Religious Education curriculum for Catholic schools and Religious Education programs, K-8. I have a committee that meets once a month and critiques my work and advises me. This ministry is one of research and writing, both of which are special interests of mine.

Prior to my ministry as curriculum consultant, I worked for six years as a DRE in the Diocese of Wilmington in two rural parishes and spent a great deal of time on the road. It was interesting work as each parish had very different populations. I came to appreciate rural life especially farming which was very new to me. It is such a demanding profession. Before coming to these parishes I spent eight years engaged in catechetical ministry in the Department of Education for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, DC. I ministered in many areas of the country and internationally. I assisted various cultural groups, Hispanics, Native American, Asian and African American in their catechetical endeavors. This was an enriching time of my life and a great privilege to work with various cultures. My time with Native Americans and migrants will always remain very special to me.

I am very interested in archeology in general and in biblical archeology in particular. I have always wanted to go on a site or dig. While in Belize for some months, I visited Mayan ruins which I found very exciting. That will probably be the extent of my site visits.

I enjoy light classical music, and songs from Broadway musicals. I swim almost everyday and also try to walk each day. I am very fond of historical biographies and the history of the SCN Community.