In the midst of COVID-19 and a lock down across the country, eight second-year Novices, Saroj Kumari from Bangalore Province, and Alma Xaxa, Asha Bage, Asrita Lugun, Priya Asrita Marandi, Neetu Hembrom, Promila Kisku, and Swati Kujur from Patna Province, made their First Vows at Nazareth Convent chapel, Mokama, India.

Father Alex V, parish priest of Mokama, was the main celebrant of the liturgy. Fathers Irudaya Raj, Director of Spirituality Centre, Mokama, Manoj Kumar, Assistant parish priest, Pradeep, SJ, and Augustine Hembrom concelebrated with Father Alex. The theme for their liturgy was “You did not choose me but I chose you.” Sister Philomena Kottoor, Provincial of Patna Province, delegate of SCN President Sangeeta Ayithamattam, received their vows and accepted them as temporary professed members of Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

The young women were brought to the altar with an entrance dance. They were welcomed with arati and tikka. The novices offered young corn plants at the altar as a symbol of their life. Due to the lock down, parents and relatives could not participate on this important day. Representing their parents, SCNs accompanied them to the altar. Sisters from the campus, tertians, first-year novices, and candidates participated in the liturgy. It was a very meaningful and beautiful celebration.

This group of newly professed SCNs will always be remembered as very special by the SCN Congregation as they said ‘YES’ to God’s invitation during challenging and uncertain times. SCNs Saroj Kumari and Priya Asrita Marandi took part in the liturgy, and Sister Philo also announced the newly professed Sisters’ first placements for mission. It was an exciting moment for all present. The newly professed were then brought to the dining room with dance and the playing of drums. The celebration concluded with a delicious meal.

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