Carolyn Cromer, director of Ecological Sustainability visited Patna Province. She spent her time visiting places in Patna and Mokama accompanied by Sister Gracy Mlakuzhyil. It was appropriate that she began the tour in Tarumitra, Patna. Rev. Robert Attikkal, SJ, the director of Tarumitra and his team took her around their campus and had a lot of discussion on what they had been able to do to promote ecological awareness through their various activities.

Carolyn spent quality time with Rev. Paul, SJ, at Phulwarisharif in Patna, interacting with him about the initiatives he has taken in the field of solar energy. She had sessions with the SCNs at Patna before proceeding to Mokama. Carolyn spoke with several groups about environmental sustainability while in Mokama. She had a conversation with the Sisters, the second year novices and candidates about the congregation’s commitment to care for the Earth. The group spoke of the many efforts already in place, such as the use of solar energy for various purposes and organic manure for cultivation. She was delighted to hear that many of us use public transportation most of the time and many are opting for vegetarian food. In the course of the discussion, the main concern surfaced was the scarcity of water. All in the group felt that there is an urgent need for setting up more water harvesting systems to combat this serious problem.

 She had a campus tour seeing some of the initiatives already taken to care for the earth. Sister Anjana Kunnath briefed her about Mokama Hospital, including the new Wellness Center and the roof gardens installed to cool the rooms below. In addition, Carolyn spoke with the school children at Nazareth Academy about what they can do to care for Earth. The students were already well-informed about the topics the need to conserve water, avoid plastic, and plant trees.

Sister Gracy Mlakuzhyil

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