Members of the EC came together this week, June 9-10 with NLBI on June 11. The following Sisters attended EC and NLBI meetings: Members of the current Central Leadership Team (CLT) – SCNs Mary Elizabeth Miller, Susan Gatz, Teresa Kotturan, members of the incoming CLT – SCNs Susan, Sangeeta Ayithamattam, and Brenda Gonzales and Provincials Basanti Lakra, Ann Palatty, and Adeline Fehribach. Members of the Extended Executive Council, Vice Provincials Rhoda Kay Glunk, Philomena Kottoor, Tonya Severin, and Sheela Palamoottil were also present for conversation and discussion. Also present for the NLBI agenda – SCN Finance Director Anita Knott and the Congregation’s Financial Advisor Carolyn LoRocco as well as SCNs Roshni Pereira and Vimila Rani.

Sunday’s EC meeting began with a prayer meditation video, Everyday God. A Mobius strip was handed to each one, a reminder of expanding universe/creation. Reflections also took place around a number of questions buoyed by the energy generated by the General Assembly.

As Day 2 of the EC meetings got underway, Sister Teresa led those present in prayer and reflection around two readings. One of the readings, a quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “The world is hungry for goodness and recognizes it when it sees it…When we glimpse it in people we applaud them for it. We long to be just a little like them. Through them we let the world’s pain into our hearts, and we find compassion.”

Throughout the EC meetings, common concerns, threads, and ideas surfaced in many of the reports including current realities of the Congregation and the continued importance of collaboration. Words of gratitude were offered for our Sisters and ministries following each report.

NLBI meetings, Tuesday, June 11th, began with an overview of our investment program and policies. It was emphasized that the Congregation is very careful to be socially conscious with all investments. Following the education session, the meetings formally were called to order

Our three days of meetings came to an end the afternoon of the 11th as Sisters Mary Elizabeth and Teresa were thanked for their ministry as President and Vice President of the CLT. Flowers were presented to both. A more in depth summary of the three days of meetings will be shared in the coming days.

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