In Belize …

These pictures were taken from the Earth Day presentation in Belize. A group from the University of Belize worked along with St. Michael’s RC school to raise the awareness to the effects of coral bleaching. The pictures show the group from UB, the students in their costumes, the beautiful coral reef, and the effects when coral loose their color and become bleached.

Belize Earth Day 01Belize Earth Day 02Belize Earth Day 03

In Patna …


Scores of students and teachers from different parts of the country congregated on the eve to celebrate the World Earth Day at the Tarumitra Bio-reserve in Patna. Students from St. Albert’s, GD Patliputra Mount Carmel, Don Bosco, May Flower, St. Michael’s, St. Paul ’s, Himalayan, Loyola and Hartman Girls’ enacted the traditional marriage of a large Bunyan tree to a Well.

Cine-artist Manish Mahival as the Chief Guest of the occasion asked the gathering to revive eco-friendly customs in the contemporary times when the country is facing acute water shortage.

When Shweta Marandi class 9 of Carmel high school, compered the programme, the students of May Flower sang the traditional marriage songs and organized a Rajasthani dance in the similar vein.


Aditya of class 8 of Don Bosco welcomed the gathering and introduced the meaning of the marriage between a tree and well. He said that through this agreeable custom the people in the villages solemnizes the symbiotic relationship between trees and water. Every marriage takes place in the shadow of the marriage of the trees to the wells.

Shweta Marandi added that the water tables are positively affected by the presence of large trees. Where ever there are large trees such as the forests, there is no shortage of water. “The forest has been always considered as the mother of the rivers” she said.

Richa of class 9 at St. Paul’s said that she never witnessed the marriage of the trees since most of it remained out of reach for children during the marriage ceremonies. Bhavana and companions from Hartman brought specially colored rice to sprinkle on the tree and the well just as it is traditionally done in marriages.

Tanya of class 8, Jesuit St. Michael’s garlanded the Bunyan tree while Rahul did the same on the well. Every student joined at the ceremony of tying fresh mango leaves on the 15 meter long marriage-band between the tree and the well. Nivedita from St. Michael’s said that she never witnessed the expression of so much joy and festivity in her entire life.

A group of ten teachers from Bangalore led by Sr. Helen Misquita RNDM thanked the students for introducing them to the ecologically sound and beautiful customs of Bihar.

Present also were Margaret from Darjeeling , Shiny from Rajasthan, Molly Vadakan from Kerala, Kanchan, Chiranjeev and D.N Prasad from Tarumitra.


In Nazareth …

On Tuesday, April 28, Sisters, employees and Montessori children gathered in St. Vincent Church to celebrate Earth/Arbor Day. The program included poems, prayer, songs and sharing of personal stories and photos. The group then gathered outside to raise the Tree City USA flag and plant a yellowwood tree. The Tree City USA honor was earned by Nazareth for its commitment to community forestry. This is the fifth year Nazareth has received this national recognition.

In Pittsburgh …
Blessing Prayer for the Planting of a Tree on Arbor Day

  • Watering with water from Catherine’s Spring in Kentucky.
    • Watering with water from the well on this property.
    • Watering with water from the birthplace of St. Vincent de Paul in Daux, France.
    • Watering with the mixture of the waters that were used in the transfer of vows ceremony on November 15, 2008.
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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