Earline Hobbs:  Praises God for Life and Joy!
by Evelyn Fugazzi SCN

If Proverbs 31, “The Virtuous Woman” were being written today, Earline Hobbs could be a model for the story.  What would be considered a strict disciplined life for many comes naturally for Earline.  As the middle child in a large western Kentucky Fancy Farm family, Earline could often be seen with her father, Roy Hobbs, as he faithfully farmed his land.   She learned  from her father to tackle any kind of mechanical job, large or small.  While others might spend long hours contemplating, designing and planning a project, Earline has hers underway. Speed in completion is ever present. When Earline picks up her spade, the garden will soon be visible.  Her shoes are shined, her pets, Cat Friskie and Puppy Montie, are carefully groomed, her home is dust-free and tastefully decorated with ongoing rearrangement of furniture. She is an excellent cook as well. Often Earline can be observed relaxed and reading on the back porch leading a casual observer to think she may not be carrying her load of responsibilities.  Indeed she has covered all her bases and is ever willing to lend a helping hand.  Earline is a person devoted to prayer and spiritual reflection.  She appreciates quiet time but is ever ready for a card game, a ride through the countryside, a stroll through the park, or other simple pleasure.

Earline’s school days were happy and carefree including a healthy social life with local guys and gals!  She loved and appreciated the Sisters and as she matured felt a definite call to religious life.  She has been a Sister of Charity for over fifty years. During her many challenging years as a teacher and principal, Earline was noted for her expertise in starting new programs, ability to handle difficult situation such as merging schools, and for  providing a creative environment for students from elementary through adult levels.  In 1990 Earline set out on a new career as Hospital Chaplain.  She loved the work and enhanced it by becoming certified in Spiritual Direction.  When she became Vice-President for Mission Integration at Flaget Hospital in Bardstown, Ky., she enlivened each area for which she was responsible.  Earline has always encouraged others to develop their potential and use their gifts.  Upon retirement, she volunteered as driver for the Motherhouse Sisters.  “I was impressed when Earline stated that for her, this position was seen as a ministerial call,” shares Sr. Charles Mary Burns.   Beginning in the fall of 2004, Earline became one of three Coordinators for the Mother house and Carrico Hall. Coordinating care for eighty plus sisters, many of whom are retired, has been both challenging and gratifying. Organizing groups that promote self-direction for the sisters continues to be of high value; she has been much appreciated during her time as coordinator.

Reflecting on the past 50+ years, Earline says, “I believe the call to become the “real me” continues to grow with my many and various experiences. I am full of praise to God for all the goodness, aliveness, and joy showered on me and on others!”