Fourteen SCNs – mid-adults and older adults of Patna Province entered the retreat, ‘Transformative Aging’ from Jan. 19 -23, 2015 at Nazareth Convent, Mokama to prepare, to admit and to surrender to one’s aging process. An experienced retreat director, Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN, once again very willingly navigated the retreatants to be drawn by a dream to a new call. She said that this new call is an invitation to wholeness, growing into God and a call to be a spiritual presence in our ministry. Sister Mary Elizabeth affirmed the participants – this is the best years of your life, so enter this pilgrimage, a ritual journey with a sacred purpose.

Sister called to our attention, that this is a time of search and struggle – a search for different ways to connect with God, to others and to self. It is a struggle of letting go of our independence, our achievements and success especially our false self and all that the ego desires. It’s a beautiful time for re-visioning, of self-knowledge, self-perception, understanding and integration and finally awakening to a transformed self that constantly leads to growing and aging gracefully.

The fourteen SCNs did take in all that was given in the talks and spent time in quiet solitude, in prayer, reflection and mindful nature walks in the campus and shrine over the theme of each day, and realized that this call to aging is not static but dynamic. The best is yet to come. Father Peter Ignatius, SJ, the parish priest added significance to aging with his theological reflection each day in his homily at the Eucharistic celebration.

We are very grateful to Sister Mary Elizabeth for guiding us and walking with us these five days of prayer, reflection and enlightenment. Sister Mary Elizabeth, you surely are one of the important wisdom figures of our Congregation. We are privileged to have you, a spiritual presence in our midst these past months. Your call to us resonates with the author, Master Ekhart, ‘Become aware of what is in you. Announce it. Pronounce it. Produce it. Give birth to it’, for you are in the best years of your life.

Written by Marceline Indwar, SCN

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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