This message and the pictures came from Mary Beth Kubera, DC, the provincial councilor who is the liaison with the new mission in Durant, Mississippi. On Nov. 20, 2017, the three sisters – two Daughters of Charity and a Sister of Charity of Halifax – arrived at the home Sister Paula and Sister Margaret shared, to begin new ministries there.

From Mary Beth:

The opening of the house was simple and so upbeat. On Saturday, Dec. 9, Bishop Kopacz came to say Mass and treat the Sisters to Subway sandwiches. He brought the communications director from the diocese, Maureen Smith, with him and she interviewed Mary, Madeline, and Sheila. They are doing well. They set up their tabernacle in the living room and the Bishop consecrated some extra hosts. Mary is working from the clinic and making connections; Madeline is working at the jail and waiting to see what the prisoners need most; Sheila has begun with the job training and loves it. They are forming a nice little community. They had Thanksgiving with the Delta Sisters (pictured above); this Saturday they are going to New Orleans for a cookie exchange with the Sisters at the House of Charity; they will do Christmas with the Sisters of Mississippi. Sunday the parish folks surprised them with a welcome brunch. I’m so excited for all of them!

Scripture class in Durant

From Susan Gatz:

The SCNs are using money from the Paula Merrill Fund to pay for the first year’s rent. In addition, we sent a donation to them for start-up costs as they needed some furniture and supplies that they couldn’t bring from the Daughter’s place in St. Louis. In this way SCNs are continuing to be part of the mission that Paula loved and served for so many years.

Sister Sheila Conley

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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