Dear SCN Family,

Please ask every one to pray for rain for Botswana. I am attaching a small write up of the recent prayer we had — the Catholic Church — at the dam which is dry.

With much love,

Vinaya SCN

The Catholic Church in Botswana prayed for rain at Gaborone Dam on 27th Sept. 2015

Gaborone Dam which provides drinking water for the whole of Gaborone and it’s nearby districts went dry since few months. One of the earliest church (1928) was situated at the site of the present Gaborone dam. At that time it was a farm owned by the Catholic Church. In 1974 when the Government wanted to build a Dam in Gaborone where rain water could be channeled, the church gave the land to the Government. Gradually the whole area went under water. The country had been experiencing drought for the past few years and today the water in the dam dried to such extend that the foundation of the early church and the altar stands on dry ground. On 27th September, hundreds of people gathered at the dam for prayer for rain and the two Bishops along with all the priests in the diocese offered Mass on that altar. It was an awesome experience to witness hundreds of people praying for rain standing in the scorching sun. All the SCNs joined the prayer. We believe that God would surely hear the cry of the people. All the three places where SCNs reside face severe water scarcity. Please join us in prayer for rain.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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