The prayer for the Executive Committee was led by Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN, Provincial of the Eastern Province. Set in the context of Ash Wednesday, it included a video about the recent communal violence in the state of Orissa which spread to other parts of India. The graphic and heartrending images of violence and its aftermath call the Executive Committee members to seek ways to continue to respond to the situation as a Congregation.

The Executive Committee members received, reviewed and took action on the following reports:

  • the Publications Committee
  • Belize
  • Archives
  • the Charity Federation and the UN-NGO
  • the Corporate Responsibility Committee
  • Botswana

At the end of the day the members took time to reflect on all they had heard and to hold all those involved in these activities in prayerful gratitude.

This was the last day of Executive Committee. Tomorrow evening (Thursday), NLBI will begin with a Skype conference with Jon Meyer, an auditor, and Anita Knott, Director of Finance, as they present this year’s audit.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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