1. Mary Bincy Joseph – Teacher, Marian English Medium School, Anakkampoil

2. Jansal P. – Teacher, St. Vincent School, Snehalayam, Trichy

3. Prashanti M. – Teacher, Asham Deepam, Crawford

4. Seema Joy Kujur – Teacher, Nazareth School, Bangalore

5. Sudha Rani – Teacher, St. Eugene’s School, Trichy cum Pastoral Ministry, Musunuru

6. Elsy Vettickal – Sabbatical for one year, beginning June, 2014

New Ministry:

In view of furthering SCN presence and ministry in north Kerala, a piece of property, measuring 5.16 acres has been bought by Asha Deep Society. The registration of the land was completed on the 10th of March, 2014. Mr. Jijo Varghese from Anakkapoil has been appointed as a part time care taker for the property. There is a small house on the property which is being renovated as a future convent. The renovation work should be completed in about three to four months. It is hoped that the Sisters can occupy the convent by September or October, 2014. The pioneers-to-be are in discernment. Please keep them in your prayers. The land is cultivated with nutmeg trees, cocoa trees, coconut trees, areca nut trees, and many more types of trees. It is quite close to the parish church, and the parish has five hundred catholic families. As for the ministries, many possibilities are there, but the pioneers will do much exploring before we launch into anything definitely.We thank the EC for the financial and moral support given to develop our Province. And every one of you deserves a word of appreciation for your continued gestures of support and concern in the growth of the Province.

“Pray-ers” for Communities:

  • Anne Philip Gnavally Musunuru and Madiwala
  • Bridget V Dockyard, Mumbai and Vasai
  • Bridget K Banakal and Total Congregation
  • Celine Arackathottam Provincial House, Chandapura & Local Community, Chandapura
  • Mary Stella Ambrose Asha Deepam, Trichy, and Snehalayam Trichy
  • Rita Puthenkalam Nazareth Kunj, Delhi and Formation
  • Sarita Manavalan Asha Kiran, Dharuhera, and Asha Niwas, Gurgaon
  • Sophia Kalapurackal Anakkampoil and Kakkavayal

Dear Seniors, we stand in admiration and gratitude to you for your prayerful support of our communities and missions.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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