And to care for the earth

Twenty SCNs traveled from Nazareth to Bernheim Forest on a beautiful Monday afternoon to enjoy time with nature and God’s creatures. Kelly O’Mahony, SCN, who volunteers with Bernheim Forest, was very knowledgeable in her presentation to the group. Barbara Flores, SCN, led a prayer and reflection, with the song Canticle of the Sun by Marty Haugen and Psams 93 & 95: “You have put on beautiful clothes, Holy One- This amazing universe!”

The Sisters shared the ways we are connected to nature:
“The air we breathe.”
“The animals.”
“We must be charitable towards the earth.”
“Our very being depends on everything else around us.”

The group was excited to visit the Forest Giants, a popular new attraction at Bernheim Forest, which features large structures built out of locally recycled wood.


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