Last Friday, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth were recognized for ongoing efforts at conserving gasoline and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the Western Province’s car fleet. At the annual meeting of the Kentucky Clean Fuel Coalition,  the SCNs were awarded a certificate for being one of the Green Fleets of the Bluegrass. The Congregation achieved a level of “Improving” by meeting the Green Fleet’s criteria:

  • 10% of the fleet are hybrid vehicles.
  • The Congregation provides or encourage regular preventative maintenance.
  • SCNs have engaged in a partnership with EVolve, Kentucky’s non-profit organization to promote electric vehicles.
  • The Western Province’s car committee has a strategy to purchase one electric vehicle (EV) and one plug-in hybrid vehicle in 2018.
  • The Sisters have purchased and are planning to install Level 2 charging stations to accommodate Electric Vehicles and plug-in hybrids at Nazareth and at the SCN Apartments.

SCNs and other participants in the Green Fleets of the Bluegrass collectively saved 16.2 million gallons of gasoline in 2017 by using alternative fuels and technology. This is equivalent to removing 26,338 cars from the road and preventing their greenhouse gas emissions. Carolyn Cromer, Director of Ecological Sustainability, accepted the award for the Congregation.

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