Molly Thompson, SCN, is the first SCN embracing a fully electric vehicle. Today, a Chevy Bolt was delivered to the Motherhouse Campus, Nazareth, Kentucky. Molly is excited about this new vehicle, as there are few if any in the area, and the Sisters are taking the lead in Nelson County, Kentucky to adopt this technology as part of the Congregation’s commitment to care for the earth.

There are many benefits of driving an electric car (or EV) – it is environmentally conscious and is up to three times as efficient as gasoline-powered vehicles, and one no longer has to stop at gas stations. Electric vehicles are said to be far less likely to break down because there are fewer parts than an internal combustion engine vehicle, there are also often federal and local tax incentives for purchasing such a vehicle.

Sisters and members of the Nazareth Campus staff gathered to see the new electric car and to ask questions about the technology. Congratulations and thank you to Sister Molly for being the first Sister to get her keys to an electric car!

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