On March 14th 2013, SCNs at Nazareth Campus gathered outside the Mokama chapel to launch a year of retreats. Carrying out the mandate given at Province Assembly 2012, the Province Leadership of Bangalore and Patna Provinces appointed a Resource Committee to put together materials based on SCN Constitutions, Scripture, Assembly Proposals and the challenges that emerged from the Scientific Survey of the Province. The first of these retreats was held at Mokama March 14-21 and members of the Nazareth Convent and Ashirvad North local communities entered into the experience of the workshop. The theme of the retreat was: Rekindling our zeal towards Transformation in SCN life and Mission.

Seventeen members participated in the retreat. After a two day workshop which prepared the participants for the retreat itself, members prayed, reflected, discussed on topics such as the historical, social economic and religious context of Asia/India. This was in keeping with the call of the Assembly to look at ways of how the SCNs in these provinces can reflect the spirituality of Asia/India in their life styles, prayer forms and formation. Other topics included bridging the inter-cultural and inter-generational gaps, embracing our cultural diversity, befriending our growing edges, examining our prophetic zeal and challenging ourselves to minister at the margins. The concluding sessions were on the spirit of Vincent, Catherine and the the Charism of Charity.

Written by: SCNs Marceline Indwar and Shalini D’Souza
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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