Continuing in the mood of the Theological reflections earlier, 27 Local Community Coordinators deliberated upon what they can do to create a sense of reverence for one another and all of creation and for sacred times in their communities at Nazareth Convent, Mokama on October 7 & 8.

Sister Basanti Lakra, Provincial and the Board Members informally shared the most recent happenings in the Province and especially of Nazareth Hospital, Mokama.

Based on the call of the Eastern Province Assembly 2012 and the recent Theological Reflections on ‘a new way of being women religious in the Asian context’, the Team presented in detail the goals and objectives of the Patna Province for the next five years.  The Local leaders took time to go over it and shared their views and clarifications were made.

The Leadership invited the coordinators to develop a contemplative attitude and stillness in our lives. In order to become God seekers along with our people on the margins we are called to practice asceticism in our daily life.

Sister Priya Kalapurackal concluded the sessions with a symbolic prayer in a circular movement inviting the sisters to go forth in love and unity with one another and the whole Congregation.

Anne Marie Thayilchirayil, SCN

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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