Community History Enacted in the Pre-Novitiate

Sister Bridget Vadakettam’s innovative manner of presenting Community history was manifested in her narration of the event she produced. After the study on Mother Catherine and Community History, the pre-novices presented an interview with Mother Catherine, Teresa Carrico and Scholastica O’Connor. Dressed in the early white habits and bonnets the trio arrived at Chandapura by flight, to be met with three young sisters from India. The threesome then interacted with every member of Chandapura community calling them by name, and encouraging each one in her life and ministry. The three young Sisters enlightened the community on the early SCN history by asking questions about the beginning of the congregation, including the struggles and the joys of growing into a full-fledged Congregation. There was interspersed humor to keep the Chandapura community hilariously attentive to all the details given by the “Pioneers.” The fifteen minute show was not just a refreshing experience of memories of community history for everyone but it deepened the spirit of charism and knowledge of the Sisters’ history for the pre-novices as well.

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