The Community Garden on the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Campus is flourishing as approximately 40 gardeners tend to over 50 plots. Robbie Smith, Nelson County extension agent for horticulture, led a meeting at the beginning of the season to offer helpful tips for planting a garden, which vegetables to plant early in the season and which later, mulching and watering, and many other ideas to be successful gardeners. The garden has pathways, fencing, a water source, a message board from Master Gardeners offering tips, a compost corner and benches.
On a recent Sunday evening, several individuals were working in their gardens, sharing tips, and comparing results. Earline Hobbs, SCN, proudly showed off her first squash of the season. Her garden is free of weeds, a lesson she says she learned from her father. She pointed out the different vegetables in her plot, including a watermelon vine. “If I get a watermelon, we’ll have a party under the pavilion over there”, she chuckled.
Another gardener told about how a resident of Nazareth Villages, an independent housing unit for the elderly and persons with disabilities, is enjoying his garden plot. He always had a garden before he moved to Nazareth. So, his son planted a number of tomato plants in a plot, and each day, this resident puts on his overalls, and walks to the garden to check on them.
One gardener with a sense of humor placed a sign at the front of a plot which reads: “Exotic Herbs: They just look like weeds.”

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