By Malini Manjoly, SCN

Twenty four local community coordinators gathered at Nazareth Convent, Mokama on November 21, 2015 for a two-day leadership meeting in the ‘Year of Consecrated Life’. Resource persons were Basanti Lakra, SCN, Provincial of Patna Province, Philomena Kottoor, SCN, Vice Provincial and Marcelline Indwar, SCN, Ongoing Formation Director. SCNs Priya Kalapurayil and Aisha Kavalakattu, Board Members took turns to help out Sisters Basanti and Philomena. Sister Priya creatively divided the sisters into groups of four with group names such as Mother Catherine, Teresa Carrico, Lawrencetta, Mary Jude, Ann Roberta and St. Vincent. Sister Basanti welcomed the Sisters with these words, “A very warm welcome to each one of you. In this “Year of Consecrated Life” you have blessed the church with freshness, vigor and hope. I am sure all of you must have had an opportunity to participate in some of the programs organized by the CRI at the Diocesan or at parish level. The ‘Year of Consecrated Life’ is coming to an end, I pray that the message and call of Pope Francis continue to motivate us to be awakened, joyful and passionate in our mission… I hope that these two days may be a time of sharing, reflection and discovering together about our life in the community and mission to find together a way that we can live “Community as a Mission” and also take leadership role as a mission…”

Sister Marcelline showed a video, “Wake the World with Dawning Joy” by Michelle Sheliza, OP with the introduction that we are a chosen race – consecrated religious women – who are invited by our God to wake up the world. Pope Francis in his call for the Year of the Consecrated Life, reiterates that we religious hold the power in us to Wake Up the World. Sister Basanti said as Christians, we religious basically should respond to a threefold call: To be human, happy/joyful and holy. One who grows as a human person has a good foundation to grow as a good Christian and a good religious. God highly values our humanness. God gave us God’s only Son to save us by becoming fully human, one like us in all things but sin.

The two days of being together, payer, meditation, reflection, sharing and inputs helped the Sisters to be confident leaders to build a praying, joyful and connected local communities. At the end of the meeting, with a lit candle, each one received the vision and mission for the next five years from Sisters Basanti and Philomena.

Manisha Bara, SCN, reminded the sisters to keep in mind the notification send to each house and cost centers while preparing their accounts, budgets and reports in order to reduce the confusion in the finance office. SCNs Arpita Mundamattam, Cecilia Simick and Malini Manjoly were also present for the meeting.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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