Chetna Bharati Voluntary Organization has been able to strengthen grass root institutions. They were able to organize and mobilize 18 forest communities under the Forest Rights Act (F.R.A). Out of these, 16 tribal individuals received land ownership and 676 acres of land were given for community forestry. This is a great benefit for the landless forest dwellers and a boost for reforestation. The next step is to work for their housing. In the village Ratnag (deep in the woods) the community put up a shed with the help of Chetna Bharati for their meetings and to be a study center for children. The work on the hall is in progress.

With the active involvement of village assemblies, 45 trafficked children were brought back to their families and three people were identified for trafficking and legal action has started on them. Chetna Bharati shares their space and facilities for stays of the rescued children.


Sisters Reshmi, Sushila Marandi and Joel taking a peek at one of the homes of the tribe.

There have been palpable changes in the education system in the villages thanks to education monitoring committees and mothers’ groups. All these institutions were activated by Chetna Bharati Voluntary Organization.

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