Sister Joel Urumpil with the help of women’s groups, youth organizations, NGOs, and people of goodwill, are doing COVID-19 relief work as well as awareness activities in Chatra District, Jharkhand. The following has taken place so far.

  • Assisting/Monitoring the distribution process of the government and intervening where it is necessary.
  • Acting as a liaison between outlying, remote villages and government head offices/officers to make available goods and services.
  • Networking with groups such as Jharkhand Janadhikar, Jharkhand Vanadhikar Manch, and local Red Cross Society to provide food for those who have no ration cards.
  • Collecting records of those locked out of home in far away States in the country and submit to the concerned government departments for their assistance. We have submitted a list of 120 persons just from 3 villages who are stranded in various places.
  • Joining a signature campaign requesting the government to bring back people stranded outside their homes
  • Selection of persons and distribution of food supplies for individuals/families, (orphans, widows, differently-abled,) those who have no work, no deposits, and those who are left out from the common distribution process.
  • Awareness sessions on Kovid 19 were conducted in small groups in 15 villages – Chatra, Hunterganj, and Kanhachatti Blocks.
  • Soap, masks, and disinfectants were provided in their CCI (Child Care Institute)
  • They also have identified 25 orphans/ children with single-headed families in just 4 villages. They have presented 12 orphan children at C.W.C (Child Welfare Committee) Chatra.
  • As of today, they distributed food grains to 164 families in 6 villages and 2 Blocks in Chatra Dt.

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