Certificate Distribution

Twenty-seven participants of skill and empowerment training conducted at Navjyoti Center completed their six month long training on Dec. 28. During the two hour long cultural program they displayed what they have learned from the training and the changes which have taken place in their lives. They expressed it through skits, dances, songs, poems, report and news reading. Three outstanding trainees received prizes. Participants of the training were from four districts. Among these were Dailekh, Salyan, Kailali and Surkhet. Women from Surkhet were from six VDCs and Municipality. Women from the neighboring districts were so much interested in attending the training that they took rooms on rent and lived closer to Navjyoti. They were given awareness trainings as well as skill trainings to empower them. Most of them came from the villages who were very shy, afraid to speak, and afraid to travel. 

A few were single women and victims of domestic violence. Some were separated from their husbands and were living with their parents. As the result of the empowerment and the knowledge of women’s rights they were able to speak up about their problems and are now united with their families.

Lalmaya Alemagar who is a single woman from a remote village of Salyan District has four children whom she could not afford to educate. She put her whole heart and soul into the training and became the most exemplary student among the trainees. She had never been to school, but attended adult literacy in her village. She is very confident that she will be able to start a tailoring shop in her village, where people currently have to walk six hours to reach the market to find a tailor.

Because of the newly found self confidence women like her are sure that they can stand up against any injustices and help other women to do so. Guardians and the guests from NGOs commented about the changes that have taken place for women in the rural villages.

These trainees are nothing less than the skilled artists. Navjyoti wishes them a bright future towards changing the present society.

Written by: Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, SCN

Sister Rosita is a social worker at the Navjyoti Center in Surkhet, Nepal where she works to shape the future of missionary activities by providing training in social awareness, health education, skills training, self employment opportunities, education, legal advocacy, and agriculture to help women become agents of social change.

Sister Rosita says that she, “imagines a society where there is equality, justice, love, peace, forgiveness for men, women, young, old regardless of caste and creed and equal opportunity for all.”

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