The three Catholic Health Facilities of Gaborone Diocese met for the first time in the history of the Diocese, for their annual planning from 16th to the 18th of March 2020, under the guidance of the newly set up Diocesan Health Board. Bishop Frank Nubuasah, the Bishop of Gaborone Diocese set up a Diocesan Health Board after he took up the responsibility as the Bishop. The Diocese has three health facilities- two clinics and Pabalelong Hospice. The Government pays the salaries of the staff of both the clinics while Hospice is fully under the Diocese.

Almost 90% of the staff of these three facilities attended the three-day meet, while a few had to stay back at the facilities to see to its daily running. The first day was reporting and inputs by different expertise from Government and Non-Government sectors. This was to expose the three facilities to widen their collaboration and networking and to create a strong impact of their services in the country as Catholic Health facilities. The Board Chair welcomed the group and gave an overview and background of the Catholic Mission Health facilities in the Diocese. Sunila Erumangalathu SCN presented the program report for the year 2019. There were representations from the Department of Health Policy Research and Development of the Ministry of Health, expertise from Social enterprises such as Infers Group and IDM. Their presentations were focused on the Ministry of Health’s funding processes and requirements, planning processes, monitoring and evaluation, Social enterprise for Civil Society Organizations, CSO networks and so on.

The following two days were for planning. At the end of the three-day meet, the group formulated an Annual Performance Planning Template for the year 2020, which will be submitted to the Diocesan Health Board and to the Bishop of the Diocese. These planning template will be useful for funding from the Government and other Donors. At the end of the meet, the staff of the three facilities were very happy as they felt a new identity as members of Catholic Health Facility.