We first met Catalina and her family when they were featured in a video at the SCN Join the Journey Luncheon in 2015. Catalina was married at the young age of 16 years and has four lovely children-Stephany, 19, Ronaldo, 11, Sherlene, 9, Yadira, 7. Throughout Catalina’s married life she experienced domestic violence. It became necessary to separate from her husband for the welfare of the children and herself. When the SCNs arrived in San Antonio four years ago Catalina sought emotional support and advice in how to proceed with the separation. The SCNs walked with her throughout the process of separation and assisted her in obtaining a restraining order and connecting her with the Social Service Department.

Through the court system Catalina and her children were granted rights to the family home while the husband had to vacate. However, he took residence in a neighboring house and continued to harass the family despite the restraining order. Due to these continuing threats and the deterioration of the home it became necessary for Catalina and the children to relocate.

As a single mother with very little resources, she bore the responsibility of finding a location and building a new home for the family. Fortunately, Catalina was granted permission to build her home on her brother’s land which is in a small village outside of San Antonio. Yet, she had no financial means to build the house. Through donations given to the SCN missions, a new home was built for this family. The first morning the family awoke in their new home was on Easter Sunday. New life, new beginnings for Catalina and her children!

Higinia Bol, SCN

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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