By SCN Candidate Melissa Fisackerly

Marie Flowers, SCN, invited our house to take part In her ministry event called Embrace A Child breakfast given by CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). The morning started off with a warm welcome from the CASA team in Louisville. It was nice to hear one of the judges speak on behalf of CASA. She spoke about how much it means to her and how important it is to them that children in the foster system have a CASA. I was especially moved by the testimony given by a woman who was given a CASA in her life and is now an advocate for her children. Her story is one of too many circumstances that is right before our eyes.


The mission of CASA in so many words is to help, support, show the children what love is and find “forever homes” for each child that is in the foster care system. I have not had much experience with CASA in my life until a few years ago when a family member was a CASA for a child. I learned a little through my aunt’s experience of advocating. My parents fostered siblings who had a CASA. We did not have much interaction with the CASA volunteer but realized the importance of a CASA volunteer. In the foster children’s lives. I may not have had experience with CASA but I have had experience about adoption and foster care system. I am one of nine adopted in my larger family and one of five in my immediate family.Three of my siblings were in foster care in Guatemala and my youngest brother was in foster care in Hammond, Louisiana by my parents. My four siblings did not have a CASA but were in foster care system for various reasons. The event opened my eyes even more in recognizing that there is a child always in need of love, care, and support. I was grateful for the reminder that there is someone bigger than me!


Earlier this month, I got to ride in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Louisville, Kentucky. Marie invited me to ride in the parade and represent for CASA. What a fun day! With Marie you know you are going to have a BLAST and that is exactly what we did. This was another good experience for me because it gave me more time to get to know the organization. I enjoyed listening to the Louisville CASA team share some of their experiences with me. They said some of their cases are easy while many are difficult. I noticed the ending of their sharing they would say, the goal is to find a forever home for each child. Each time I heard that ending it would tug at my heart. It made me think of my four siblings and what their situations could have been especially my youngest brother, Luke. Riding on the CASA float was not only a chance to ride in a parade but a way to get the word out by telling the people on the sides of the streets that WE NEED CASA VOLUNTEERS. I was grateful for this day and to spend it with Marie as we sat in the back of a pick up truck.

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