For Vandana Vellaringatt, SCN, caring for our common home, Mother Earth is her passion. So much, that she makes daily visits to the land with the workers. Water scarcity is a major problem in Kakkavayal area. Rainwater is harvested in a twenty thousand liter tank for daily use in the house. Over a hundred small pits are dug in the land to preserve the rainwater in the fields. In following the latest trend in keeping the land moist and to sustain the earthworms, Sister Vandana does not burn the grass or dry leaves but leave them in the fields. Also, she has continued the vermicomposting of natural fertilizer for many years. Kakkavayal Sisters do not use any chemicals in the land.

As Kakkavayal has many wild boars and they love to eat the plant roots, no root vegetables like tapioca, yams, Kerala potatoes can be planted or harvested. Some vegetables are homegrown and some are bought for consumption.

Neighborhood Ministry

SCN Sisters reach out to the people in their neighborhood. Vandana Vellaringatt, SCN, makes frequent visits to the homes of the Hindu, Muslim, and Christian neighbors in Kakkavayal and people look forward to her visits.

Malini Manjoly, SCN / See more photos.

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