On behalf of our companions, we, Susmita and Anjlin, would like to share with you the joy of learning about the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament from Sister Jane Karakunnel, SCN. It was very challenging to study the Prophets in today’s context. We were surprised that when Yahweh called the prophets, they did not readily accept the call. They expressed their objections, inabilities and unworthiness for the task asked of them in various ways such as “I am too young” (Jeremiah), I cannot speak” (Moses), “I am sinful” (Isaiah), and “My clan is the smallest” (Gideon). The Prophets in the Bible, however weak, had a very intimate relationship with God, which enabled them to respond positively to the call. The covenant relationship between Yahweh and the Israelites is expressed in the following ways: God as mother and child, father and son, husband and wife, potter and clay, shepherd and sheep, owner and vineyard and in Hebrew words- “Hesed and emet” Steadfast love and Faithfulness. 

Prophets were persecuted and rejected, but they never stopped from what God inspired them to speak. Most of us liked the prophet Jeremiah and made him our model prophet because of his prophetic ministry. Our religious life is very much connected to his life journey. Jeremiah left everything, his family, and friends and addressed the Israelites about repentance and coming back to God, who is full of hope and ever ready to make a new covenant with them. 

Today, we are called to be radical prophets in our fragmented and suffering world. The world as a whole is affected by COVID-19, and people are suffering due to the lockdown, loss of jobs and daily income, fear of contracting the virus, etc. Though in our present context, we are unable to be physically present to our people, we can reach out to the suffering humanity through our constant prayer and vibrations of cosmic energy that we send daily during our morning meditation and adoration in the evening. At this time, Jeremiah becomes our role model and source of inspiration and encouragement. We do feel the need to repent for our wrongdoings and come back to God, who is ever-living and loving, waiting to make a new covenant relationship.

Our society now is being gripped by fear, despair, greed, violence, and hate. What if, we have the KARUNA VIRUS (Virus of Mercy) in our world? Can we give space to this virus in our lives? The Prophets of this day must be full of Karuna Virus infecting every corner of the world with hope, compassion, and love. Let us stand tall as dynamic prophets of this time transmitting the viruses of mercy, love, peace, and justice to the suffering world. 

Bethel, SCN Novitiate