If you have been on the grounds of our Nazareth campus lately, chances are that you have seen our AmeriCorps member, Julia Gerwe, busily working with any of our wonderful grounds crew or ecological sustainability team. Or perhaps you’ve seen her enjoying the beautiful fall weather on her off time, walking or biking the trails. Every week has been a new adventure for Julia and from her words, “I’m loving everything I’m learning and there are so many more projects brewing that will come to fruition in the next serval months”! Here are some of her favorite projects so far:

  1. Tree planting— it was so exciting to learn more about trees and then actually take part in the full fall tree planting on Nazareth’s campus! It was fun learning how to operate the auger, mulch the trees, and care for them past initial planting. Trees are so important to our environment!
  2. Taking part in the biological surveys happening through the Office of Ecological Sustainability around campus — it’s been so interesting to work with our herpetologist and botanist to learn more about our Nazareth campus and the critters and plants that call this place home.
  3. I’ve loved researching and writing articles to share to our SCN community in the Newsline (monthly “Sustainabytes”), Campus Services Newsletter, and (next month) the SCNA newsletter. I’ve learned about various topics – from how amphibians prepare for cold weather to how the SCNs have been mitigating climate change around the world – through these articles. It’s been a great opportunity to get more engaged and educate others about the work we do and sustainability topics!
  4. Finally, I’m loving the work I’m doing with Carolyn Cromer, Director of Ecological Sustainability, on our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations Campaign to calculate GHG emissions across the Congregation. It’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes work to prepare, but we’re starting to get the ball rolling and it is so fulfilling to be contributing to this effort as we seek to give the SCNs a better idea of what their emissions look like, in order to reach zero emissions!

Thank you Julia for the wonderful energy, enthusiasm and dedication you have brought to Nazareth in the first quarter of your year of service with us. Keep up the great work!