Watch the burial service for Sister Vivian Mary Sabelhaus, held June 5, 2020, in the cemetery at Nazareth.

At age 24, Georgia Lee Sabelhaus entered the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Having taken her mother’s name, she made her first vows as Sister Vivian Mary on March 25, 1950. This year marked 70 years for her.

Since from an early age she was aware of a hearing challenge she preferred to work with smaller groups or one-on-one in whatever situation she found herself, and that she was able to do. It was during her early mission in Bardstown at St. Monica’s she found some of her students in substandard housing and decided to see if she could do something about it. She was able to address and remedy some major issues through her contacts with social worker S. Kitty Doyle and her brother Patrick, a lawyer who was at the time working in Washington, DC. Patrick spoke to the local authorities and helped them get the support they needed from Washington to provide good residential housing. Vivian was over-joyed.

Upon hearing of Sister Vivian Mary’s passing, one successful businessperson from Bardstown called to express his gratitude, as he had been one of those students in need.

While the last 25 years of her ministries covered a variety of positions, one predominant theme ran through all of them. Sister Vivian served professionally with compassion and effectiveness.

Sister Vivian we thank you for your almost 97 years of life and love. Your compassion and determination turned a hearing challenge into years of blessing for many people. May you now celebrate the fullness of life.

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