Sister Pat Worley, collecting shoes to be donated for water purification projects.

One day Amina Bejos, SCN, brought her freshmen girls class from Presentation Academy to the Nazareth Campus. It was during this visit that Pat Worley, SCN, met Brianna Daniels and a special friendship began.

Beyond their love for the New York Yankees, the two had even more in common when it came to helping others.

In a letter to Sister Pat, Brianna explained that she was leading her school’s service project. She had met the director of EDGE Outreach, became excited about their global water purification program, and asked if the Congregation would like to help.

The project is to collect donated shoes which then serve two purposes. The shoes are exported to retailers in the developing world to be sold as affordable footwear for those who need them. Secondly, the money made is then used in Third World countries to build and maintain water purification systems.

Now Sister Pat is leading the Congregations side, gathering up support from many of the Sisters and others in the local St. Vincent de Paul Church community. The shoes keep coming in, over 500 pairs and counting. Enough to completely load the first van from EDGE to receive them.

Sister Pat says she sees this as having multiple positive effects for those involved. Water projects from money received in selling the shoes, boosting the local economies where the shoes are given a second life, and the people who end up with the shoes, some who may have never had them before, all benefit, after one student’s and one Sister’s encounter over lunch.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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