Bridge Course Students Graduate

Forty girl children from remote rural villages graduated after successfully completing the nine-month government education program- Awasiya Setu Vidyalaya (Residential Bridge School) at Nazareth Vidya Niketan, (NVN), Chatra.

The program followed the regular school curriculum besides focusing on co-curricular activities such as art, craft, drawing, painting, stitching, music, dance, rhymes, games and physical training exercises.

The children lived, worked and studied together and showed great enthusiasm and interest to learn and to grow in different areas. They became a bunch of disciplined children, interested in their personal studies. In the process they acquired the spirit of team work. There was marked difference in their personal hygiene. 

The program was concluded with a short cultural program on 28 September. The children were in their essence to display the talents they acquired with lots of excitement and confidence. They exhibited their work of craft, art, drawing, painting, etc.

Chatra District Superintend of Education, Mr. Devidayal Mondal was the Chief Guest who distributed certificates and prizes for the winners. Other guests of honor were Mr. Ashok Rajak, SCNs Anila Monippallikalayil and Joel Urumpil.

The parents of these children attended the concluding function and were amazed at the visible improvements in their wards. All present appreciated the program. 

It was indeed satisfying to see the children from a very primitive rural background transformed into a joyful bunch, radiating life and vigor within a short span of nine months.

The children and their parents understood the importance of education. All of them are truly motivated to continue their studies further and everyone is enrolled in various schools and some of them continue at NVN Middle School. 

The able supervision of Mary Grace Xalxo, SCN, made it possible for these less privileged children who are either dropouts or not going to school to be motivated to continue their studies. The success of the program was featured in the Hindi newspapers in Jharkhand. 

Anila Monippallikalayil, SCN 

Sports’ Day Celebrated with neighborhood children.

In the year of the bicentenary celebration of the congregation, N.V.N,Chatra remembered our patron, St.Vincent ’s love for the children of the least privileged. The Para teachers’ strike has almost paralyzed the running of most of the government run schools in the locality. In order to bring some cheer into their lives the school organized a sports day for these children. Around 200 children marched in with much apprehension, not knowing what we have planned for them. They were made to relax by the staff and eventually they got into the mood of the games. These children didn’t even know even the ordinary games normally conducted in our schools. Such is the deplorable affairs of the schools they come from. Nazareth school students generously contributed prizes to every child that arrived regardless of winning a prize or not. At the end children were given a packet of biscuits each. Appreciation and thanks go to Sr.Rashmi for organizing it with the co-operation of the staff and students.

Anila Monippallikalayil, SCN

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